Syntax Highlighter in a lightbox, with width control

One of the main reasons for creating this blog, is the detailing of my exploits with code, IT, and hardware (arduino, Pi etc. etc.). I looked at various offerings and how others did it e.g. StackOverflow, but I wasn’t really happy. Didn’t do what I wanted: syntax-highlighting full-screen on desktop & mobile and in portrait […]

Tuesday 31st January 2017 – lots of work! So many conflicting priorities … trying to organise myself. Installed plug-ins: list-category-posts/ ultimate-category-excluder Cleverness To-Do List enhanced-media-library search-filter Was hoping the search filter would allow me to set the default category … can’t see how to – not worrying about it for now. (E.g. to have separate searches for Log […]

.htaccess rewrite and filter modules for WordPress behind reverse proxy

DRAFT – IN PROGRESS Ubuntu VM, LAMP set-up for WP … want to keep encapsulated as much as possible as an internal site in its own right, behind the reverse proxy … so need to find any internal references to the external url and rewrite.

RESOLVED – GZIP compression after URL-ReWrite on IIS

DRAFT / UNDER-CONSTRUCTION UPDATE – RESOLVED ISSUES – NEED TO COMPLETELY CHANGE THIS I would really appreciate if anyone can tell me what I’m doing wrong here.   This problem My back-end fresh WordPress install will happily provide gzip if the accept-encoding says so in the Request Header. I don’t want to have to […]