Scratch pages for html and javascript

I haven’t “learned” JavaScript in a very long time (since starting with it back in err 1996? doing silly things like buttons on DHTML web pages that don’t like to be clicked-on) and have found myself struggling a bit. And come to think of it, even my HTML is flaky. Never properly learned HTML5, and already a bunch of it is deprecated or still not fully supported in browsers. Last time I had a good look at HTML and JavaScript was in 2008 and since it’s just been the bare minimum to get by in WordPress etc.

w3schools gets slated a lot, but I think their HTML stuff is pretty good. Their JavaScript stuff doesn’t really teach very well I think.

Been going through all of w3schools HTML5 material (about a day’s worth). TODO: experiments with App Ache, Web Workers and SSE. (I hadn’t heard of SSE!) (Only just learned <mark> too!)

Links to pages I can just mess about with in Visual Studio Code. Dave! This is live! Be-careful not to accidentally do any cross-scripting stuff etc.

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