As I haven’t really linked to this site much yet, it’s still both my dev & production site … still experimenting. Syntaxhighlighter is essential for me. I started off with the WordPress plug-in but I’ve been finding it complex to get my head-around for using it for ajax-loaded (custom-post-type) posts with code, which is what […]

DIY WordPress PHP shortcodes – Code Snippets plugin

About Plugin My Snippets Example Update: 6th March 2017 Days later: I’m already out-growing these snippets … as I’ve abandoned the WordPress plug-in for Syntaxhighlighter, and am now using the general client-side build cloned from GitHub, with a little extra hacked into the build-output currently for ajax (custom event), I’ve decided to make my own […]

Apache2, git clone from GitHub as www-data, and remote add origin existing git to GitHub

Notes on git stuff I guess I’ll have to do a lot! e.g. for my contact page where I composited absolutely positioned divs including an iframe with a WebGL / three.js tunnel effect I’d forked on GitHub, I wanted to keep that “component” as a separate project, cloned from my fork: (On Ubuntu / Apache2): […]