Screenshot of on a portrait monitor on 21st June 2017 online – woohoo

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The Ugly

  • Testing on my Atom based Windows tablet in Chrome crashes it (power-off state) in seconds.
  • Testing on my laptop, leaving the page running for more than 10 to 15 minutes, crashes the laptop.
  • Testing on my Haswell I7 (without discrete CPU) slows the machine down severely – though to be fair it runs servers / several VM’s.
  • Until I fix the keyboard interface for my novel right-sided flyout menu for which I can’t easily use display:none when offscreen and still use transformations/transitions for flying-out, then it’s still possible to focus on an off screen tabindex <a> increasing the viewport to compensate with no scrollbar to get back. I think it’ll be bad to mess with tabindex’s programmatically.

I believe the crashing is from over-heating rather than some unchecked memory leak or invalid computation etc.

I’ve tried to design the page, so that, for example, computationally heavy water is only added if the average FPS is high enough … meaning it can just about run even on my ageing and burdened Samsung Galaxy S3.

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CONTENTS:: 1 2 3 4 5 6