Screen shot of IIS Bit Rate Throttling screen listing content types to edit throttle attributes

Bit Rate Throttling says No to mp3

I’m alive! Been very busy in my new job since very end-July 2017 as a Junior Software Developer. Been concentrating on C#, ASP.Net, Web API, WinForms, some WPF, Wix Toolset even, and lots of SQL Server and some other bits & pieces like Java mobile printing SDK’s and the like.

I can’t even remember how my sites work or much of my network which is why I’m very glad to have notes when I come to update things. But things change. I’m not sure if this was the case when I added Bit Throttling to my old “The Icons” site – maybe I just missed it, or whether some update has unsettled the tolerance or something.

Anyway – I discovered that 2x mp3 tracks (only) out of a set of them, on “The Icons” weren’t being served properly via the Bit Throttler leading to the application pool stopping after a preset failure threshold.

For now, until I get to the bottom of the issue, I’ve had to set “mp3” as a “Data” type rather than “Media”. Presumably there’s some malformed bytes in the mp3 stream that chokes the bit-throttler. Fascinating!

Samples of Lahna’s covers:

If I Could Turn Back Time
Strong Enough
Shoop Shoop Song
Make You Feel My Love
Walking Back to Happiness
What’s Up