As I haven’t really linked to this site much yet, it’s still both my dev & production site … still experimenting. Syntaxhighlighter is essential for me. I started off with the WordPress plug-in but I’ve been finding it complex to get my head-around for using it for ajax-loaded (custom-post-type) posts with code, which is what […]

DIY WordPress PHP shortcodes – Code Snippets plugin

About Plugin My Snippets Example Update: 6th March 2017 Days later: I’m already out-growing these snippets … as I’ve abandoned the WordPress plug-in for Syntaxhighlighter, and am now using the general client-side build cloned from GitHub, with a little extra hacked into the build-output currently for ajax (custom event), I’ve decided to make my own […]

Apache2, git clone from GitHub as www-data, and remote add origin existing git to GitHub

Notes on git stuff I guess I’ll have to do a lot! e.g. for my contact page where I composited absolutely positioned divs including an iframe with a WebGL / three.js tunnel effect I’d forked on GitHub, I wanted to keep that “component” as a separate project, cloned from my fork: (On Ubuntu / Apache2): […]

Testing menucool.com tabbed-content

http://www.menucool.com/tabbed-content Tab1 Tab2 Tab3 I can see real potential in this to help organise some work. UPDATE: I’m now using menutab (probably will be retrospectively as well). e.g. https://blog.xarta.co.uk/2017/03/diy-shortcodes/ However, for using my new shortcode “xpostcontent”, I did have to add some CSS to hide the additional printfriendly button: content 2 content 3

Apache2 – Directory Browsing on by default! RedirectMatch 404, and git exclude

I had no idea this was the case – Apache2 Directory Browsing on by default. Only found out when I added a .git initialisation to my “xarta” folder as my JavaScript was outgrowing WordPress’s Header/Footer plugin and I wanted to use Visual Studio Code’s intellisense – in particular with the three.js library. I checked to […]

OpenSSH, Google Authenticator, PuTTY, Xming X, Ubuntu Lightdm (disable), and Grub text mode

Just notes to self for setting-up OpenSSH on Ubuntu and Raspberry Pi. Will add to over time. https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/openssh-server.html First of all I installed OpenSSH server: sudo apt-get install openssh-server Normally in Windows I use Putty (portable putty alternative … for Xming X Server). Depending on name resolution available to me which is limited at the […]

Visual Studio Code Typings for three.js

At the moment, right now, just while I use three.js together with WebGL to make a simple animation for my contact page, I’m skipping proper tooling and just want to edit JavaScript that uses the three.js library. Most of the tutorials out there use deprecated functionality and I really really want Intellisense for the current […]