Early problems with this blog and IIS Reverse Proxy

When I first began this WordPress based blog, I had it set in my mind to run this one in Ubuntu / Apache, pending experiments with Docker. And I had planned the use of IIS Reverse Proxy. January 2017 Initially the IIS Reverse Proxy lead to great difficulties and it turned out my aged installation […]

Adding a media-serving “site” to my “live” webserver

DRAFT: This will take a few iterations. My xarta.co.uk domain name is registered with 1and1.co.uk. I’ve set their name-servers to forward queries for xarta.co.uk to my free account on dyn.com. Eventually I want to set-up my own BIND (authoritative) DNS server at home, and skip dyn.com. pfSense uses BIND behind the scenes for Unbound which […]

Google Earth and three.js on Contact page

DRAFT BUT LEAVING-UP AS I WORK ON IT MVC stuff was getting me bogged-down a bit – felt like I needed to do something different for a bit – and I needed to do a Contact page. I fancied doing: Google Earth video background from space, flying to my house culminating at StreetView level (Liz […]