TP-Link HS110 Energy Monitoring API – addendum – Python3 script

Updating the Python2 script from softScheck to Python3, combining readings from 4 devices, and output to an I2C Oled display Relating to my earlier post: This code is a proof of concept for updating the OLED I2C display on my mains power-management box controlled by a Raspberry Pi 3B, pending my C# dotnet core […]

Battery UPS for Raspberry Pi

One of the primary reasons for this “blog” is to help organise myself – maintaining a record. I constantly experiment and reconfigure and try new things and have very very very limited space and resources. It’s hard to partition, to separate and to manage. Especially when I have several inter-dependant things on the go at […]

Raspberry Pi Exim4 config for local hMailServer smtp, and low disk space alert

My existing Raspberry Pi OpenVPN solution needed “fixing” but when I came to do it I discovered I’d run-out of space on the 8GB microSD card. It took a while to track down the culprit … a log file in the hidden .cache directory in my home directory – over 2GB in size. Plus this […]