ebook cover of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde from Gutenberg

Gutenberg broke my site

Trying to use my syntax highlighter implementation made me realise how broken my site is since the new Gutenberg editor became an integral part of WordPress. https://blog.xarta.co.uk/2017/06/wordpress-theme-tinkering-featured-div-vs-featured-image/ … didn’t render properly. UPDATE: fixed – had to disable MediaElement.js – HTML5 Audio and Video plug in (not sure how I’ve used it yet – still checking). […]

Screenshot of Chrome Dev Tools inspecting Application / Cookies for Timeouttherapy.co.uk in incognito mode - still showing google analytics cookies from previous session

I’m not GDPR compliant. :(

I’m trying! I’ve been busy with my new job; haven’t had much time with “web stuff” over the last year (beyond ASP.Net / Web.API – but for internal network use). I’ve only just started to look at how GDPR affects me. I have no interest in tracking individuals but I do use plugins, and I […]

Screenshot of https://xarta.co.uk on a portrait monitor on 21st June 2017

xarta.co.uk online – woohoo

Article Contents 1: Introduction 2: The Good incl. 99% on DareBoost! 3: The Bad 4: The Ugly 5: ToDo’s 6: Next Steps Ok … so I still have to deploy it to my “new” “live – live” webserver rather than my (routed-to-live) staging one slowed down with all my Dev stuff … but https://xarta.co.uk is […]