As I haven’t really linked to this site much yet, it’s still both my dev & production site … still experimenting. Syntaxhighlighter is essential for me. I started off with the WordPress plug-in but I’ve been finding it complex to get my head-around for using it for ajax-loaded (custom-post-type) posts with code, which is what […]

DIY WordPress PHP shortcodes – Code Snippets plugin

About Plugin My Snippets Example Update: 6th March 2017 Days later: I’m already out-growing these snippets … as I’ve abandoned the WordPress plug-in for Syntaxhighlighter, and am now using the general client-side build cloned from GitHub, with a little extra hacked into the build-output currently for ajax (custom event), I’ve decided to make my own […]

Google Earth and three.js on Contact page

DRAFT BUT LEAVING-UP AS I WORK ON IT MVC stuff was getting me bogged-down a bit – felt like I needed to do something different for a bit – and I needed to do a Contact page. I fancied doing: Google Earth video background from space, flying to my house culminating at StreetView level (Liz […]

Ubuntu WordPress Bash backup scripts

Since my recent scare losing a table in MySQL while trying various back-up plug-ins in WordPress I decided to just make my own back-up script in Ubuntu. Eventually I’ll back-up to a local folder, and then rsync from there to some kind of rsync server – maybe I could use a Raspberry Pi 0 in […]

WordPress database table missing. PANIC!

This WordPress site, at time of writing (5th Feb 2017) was only recently set-up in a fresh Ubuntu VM in classic LAMP arrangement. Oh – I throw in Webmin to make life easier, and MySQL workbench of course. I’m an old-school Windows guy … I like GUIs. When possible. And practical. Life is a little […]

Syntax Highlighter in a lightbox – improved

I’ve tidied up my CSS and JavaScript used for my implementation of presenting code on my website. Yes – I know I still need to refactor my CSS classnames to at least throw a nod at the prevailing standards. Update 4th March 2017 Done … at least I’ve got rid of the camel-case class names; […]

Making the fancy font

ARA      TC Hopefully the above “words” meant to be , playfully, “XARTA TECH” appear in the fancy font I made for the purpose. www.online-convert.com freefontconverter.com icomoon.io dnesscarkey.com online-convert.com allowed me to convert icon files (the jpeg magnifying glass I downloaded from the web, the “X” made out of crossed tools I’d found on the web, and also an […]

Syntax Highlighter in a lightbox, with width control

One of the main reasons for creating this blog, is the detailing of my exploits with code, IT, and hardware (arduino, Pi etc. etc.). I looked at various offerings and how others did it e.g. StackOverflow, but I wasn’t really happy. Didn’t do what I wanted: syntax-highlighting full-screen on desktop & mobile and in portrait […]

.htaccess rewrite and filter modules for WordPress behind reverse proxy

DRAFT – IN PROGRESS Ubuntu VM, LAMP set-up for WP … want to keep encapsulated as much as possible as an internal site in its own right, behind the reverse proxy … so need to find any internal references to the external url and rewrite.